Our network co-ops are democratically owned and operated by their members. Through secure and sustainable employment, these co-ops aim to collectively meet the common economic and social needs along with the aspirations of their workers and communities.

There are currently 11 active cooperatives in the UCI network with another 33 cooperative projects with labour union and community partners in various stages of development.

Are you interested in working with the UCI or starting a new union cooperative? We’re here to help.

Do you want to join the UCI Network but not sure where to start?


Looking for concrete ways to support the Union Cooperative Movement? Here are 3 ways to get involved:

  1. Commit to solidarity purchasing from our network cooperatives for your home, union, or organization. Our model is solidarity not charity. Your purchases support quality union jobs that are good for people and the planet. We call this mutual aid.

  2. Join the UCI as a Solidarity Member and pay monthly dues. UCI dues are tied to monthly income and organizational revenue and each member contributes according to their means. Solidarity membership dues provide stable operating revenue for the non-profit network.

  3. Donate to the UCI Cooperative Development Fund or participate in a Community Bonds Community Cooperative Financing Campaign. Both projects provide non-extractive financing for our network cooperatives and allow working people to sustainably develop, launch, and grow their community-focused enterprises and non-profit cooperatives.


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