SCOOP (The Vancouver Sewing Labour Union Cooperative) is a unionized workers co-operative with the goal of transforming labour practices within the garment and soft arts sector.

Founded in September 2020 by freelance stitchers and theatre costume professionals from IATSE 118 who had lost their work due to pandemic-caused theatre closures, SCOOP has grown to a network of over 20 workers across the Lower Mainland. Our CO-OP is made up of skilled sewers, stitchers, cutters, pattern makers, and textile artists.

SCOOP is democratically owned and operated by workers who are also union members of the Arts and Cultural Workers Union (ACWU), IATSE Local B778. The CO-OP provides flexible studio-based and at-home work opportunities producing fabric masks, tote bags, and other custom items for the UCI network and partner organizations.

SCOOP takes pride in making high-quality and sustainably made goods.

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